Top 5 reasons people use self-storage

Self-storage facilities have become incredibly popular in the UK in recent years. The industry turns over an impressive £890 million per year and the current occupancy rate of 82% is the highest since records began in 2004.

Below we reveal five of the most common reasons people choose to use self-storage.

Lack of space

With house prices, rent and general cost of living higher than ever, people are struggling to afford the move to a bigger property. While a general declutter is great for freeing up some space, if you have furniture you want to hang on to but don’t really have the space for, putting it into self-storage is a great solution.

It’s also a great way to create extra space in your home if the kids have gone off to university, you’re saving old baby clothes for grandchildren or you have seasonal items such as barbecues and outdoor furniture.

If storage space is limited in your home, it’s also a good idea to move the things you don’t need very often. This can include paperwork, seasonal clothes, camping equipment, sports equipment, suitcases, old photos and electronic items.

Businesses downsizing

It’s not just homeowners who are suffering the increased cost of living. Businesses are also feeling the pinch which is why many are choosing to downgrade their office space.

With remote working easier than ever, it means that fewer employees are in the office at any given time. The great thing about this is that companies don’t need as much office space.

If you still have extra furniture, electronic items or stock, putting them into self-storage is a great way to keep the new office clutter-free. It’s also useful for other items such as paperwork and kitchen supplies (like the all-important coffee order for example), which businesses tend to buy in bulk to save money.

In between house moves

If you’ve ever moved home, you’ll know that it very rarely goes according to plan. Contracts take forever to come through, surveys come back with unexpected red flags, buyers pull out and unfortunately, it’s all-too common that moves get delayed.

This can create a big problem if you have to be out of your existing property by a certain date. As a result, you may need to stay in a hotel, with family or move to temporary accommodation. In this case, taking all your belongings with you simply isn’t possible.

This is a very common reason why people put things into self-storage. It provides a safe and secure home for your belongings until you can move into your new place.


Renovating a home is an exciting, if not messy and pretty stressful time. With builders coming and going, holes being drilled, things being torn apart and plenty of painting going on, this leaves furniture at risk of becoming damaged.

Rather than taking this risk, many people prefer to temporarily store their belongings in self-storage. As well as safeguarding your belongings, it also frees up a lot of space which makes it much easier to carry out any home improvements.

Increased security

A lot of people use self-storage for security reasons. If your area is prone to burglaries, you might feel safer storing high-value items in a secure facility. This is an option which also gives you complete peace of mind if you’re away on holiday, you’re travelling or it’s a riskier time of year such as Christmas.

A good self-storage facility will be very secure and have CCTV on site to help keep your belongings safe.

Over recent years we at Warren’s Removals Worcester have increased our self-storage facilities to meet increased demand, discover more about our secure storage facilities here. If you need secure self-storage, please don’t hesitate to request a quote or get in touch with Warren’s Removals for further information.



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