How to protect your valuables when keeping them in self-storage

Whether you’re in between moves or need to clear some space in your home or office, self-storage offers a fantastic solution.

Keeping possessions safe and secure is of course a top priority for everyone. Below we share how to protect your valuables when keeping them in self-storage.

Use a trusted facility

Because you won’t be there to keep an eye on your belongings, it’s crucial that you choose a reliable and reputable self-storage facility.  Check the facility you’re going to use has security, who has access to the keys and whether there is CCTV.

Here at Warren’s Removals, keeping your valuables safe is our number one priority. All our units are securely locked and only you have access to the key. We also have 24-hour CCTV to keep the site secure and in the very unlikely event that anything should happen, we offer various insurance options for your peace of mind.

You can find out more about our facilities by heading to our storage solutions page.

How to store your possessions

How you store your possessions is incredibly important. Doing so in the correct way will keep them free from the likes of mould and dust – especially if you’re storing them for a long time. Oh and remember to label everything really well so you can find things you may need quickly.


Furniture should be kept off the ground if possible – something like a wooden pallet works really well. Ensure that you put plastic over the pallet as well because this will help to prevent moisture and mould reaching your items.

Applying wax to wooden furniture before you put it into storage will help to keep it looking great and cleaning upholstered furniture will preserve it for longer. Cover everything with a dust sheet as this will prevent furniture from getting damaged.


Try to store electric appliances in the original box they came in and individually bubble wrap each item. This will stop dust settling on them and it also means that if anything accidentally gets dropped, the packaging should hopefully stop the item from breaking.


When keeping appliances in self-storage, make sure you’ve thoroughly washed and dried them before you put them away. This will help to prevent build-up, rot and rust and importantly, it will also stop cooking appliances attracting pests.

Try to leave the doors of any appliances slightly open to allow air to pass through so you’re not greeted with a horrible musty smell when you want to use it again.


Paperwork can be difficult to preserve because if it isn’t stored properly, ink can fade and pests can get to it.

Store all documents in an airtight container, keep them off the floor and consider keeping any papers in a filing cabinet as this offers an extra layer of protection. The added benefit of this is that you will easily be able to locate particular documents as and when you need them.

 For more information about our self-storage facilities or Warren’s Removals Worcester, please get in touch with Warren’s Removals. You can also find a list of our locations here.



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