5 tell-tale signs it’s time to move house

A study carried out by Keepmoat Homes found that the average homeowner starts to get itchy feet after nine years. While that’s a decent amount of time in a home, one in 10 admit that they start to think about moving after just three years.

For some, a simple makeover is all that’s needed to fall back in love with their property. For others, it really is time to move on. How do you know which category you fall into? Below we reveal five tell-tale signs it’s time to move home.

1) Size is an issue

Keepmoat’s survey found that size is the top reason people want to move.

If you’ve already extended into the loft and garden and still don’t have enough room, moving is the only option. Perhaps you can’t get planning permission for an extension or you’re in a rented property. Either way, if everyone’s living on top of each other and every cupboard is crammed full, it’s going to feel pretty uncomfortable.

On the other hand, if you have rooms that you never go in, a garden you don’t make use of and a garage that’s used as a storage facility, you could save a lot of money by downsizing.

2) Location, location, location

The one thing you can’t change about your home is where it’s located. If location has become a problem, then again, this is a tell-tale sign it’s time to move.

Maybe you’ve changed jobs and it’s now difficult for you to get into work, you want the kids to go to a particular school, you need to be closer to family or your interests have simply changed. Whatever it is, location plays a big role in how happy we are in a home.

3) You can’t afford to stay where you are

The cost of living has gone up significantly in recent years and utility bills are set to increase further by the end of 2021. Always worrying about whether or not you can afford to pay the rent, mortgage and bills is incredibly stressful and a very important sign it’s time to move.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to downsize however. Some areas are much cheaper than others which means you can get a lot more for your money while paying less for utilities and council tax.

4) Your home has become a money pit

 While you should expect maintenance on any property, new or old, if your home has become a never-ending money pit, it may be time to admit defeat.

Repair costs can easily get out of hand and the last thing you want is for all your hard-earned money to go on trying to keep your property in good working order.

If it’s costing you more to maintain your home than its actual market worth, it makes sense to move to a more cost-effective property.

5) You’ve fallen out of love with your home

What was once your dream home may no longer serve your needs and this is perfectly normal.

The average person lives in the same property for nine years before the urge to move kicks in and your tastes and needs are bound to change in that time. If you find yourself constantly looking on Rightmove, comparing your house to other peoples’ and almost dread going home, this is a sure-fire sign it’s time to move on.

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