3 ways self-storage can make Christmas less stressful

With presents to buy, parties to attend, the kids off school, family visiting and the feast of the year to prepare for, Christmas is a chaotic time of year for many of us. The last thing you need is to constantly trip over the furniture you’ve had to move around to make way for the Christmas tree.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the festive season already, below we share three great ways self-storage can help make your Christmas less stressful.

Frees up space

There’s something so magical about Christmas trees but they can take up a lot of space. If you tend to get carried away with all the other decorations as well, it can be a struggle to fit everything in.

This becomes extra stressful if you’re entertaining guests for dinner or having people over to stay. Rather than tripping over everything, you can de-clutter your home and move everything you don’t need over the festive season into self-storage.

There are so many other ways self-storage can help free up space too.

  • It’s not just presents that take up space (especially if they’re big items such as a bicycle), wrapping paper, crackers, crockery, food and alcohol which you don’t need until the big day will fill up your home very quickly
  • You can rotate seasonal items. Chances are you won’t be using the garden furniture or wearing your summer wardrobe any time soon
  • There are sales aplenty at this time of year. Stocking up during the sales is a great way to save money in the long-run but it can be a nightmare trying to find somewhere to store your purchases until you need them

It’s a great place to hide presents

If ever there’s a time children put their detective hats on, it’s Christmas. No matter how creative you get with your hiding places, they seem to be experts at sniffing out presents.

If sneaking into the loft in the early hours of the morning doesn’t appeal, why not store your Christmas presents in self-storage? You can feel very smug in the knowledge that there’s absolutely no way the kids will find them there.

Plus it also eliminates the problem of trying to find space to store gifts and then remembering where you put them all. By keeping everything in self-storage, presents are in one easy-to-access place which means when it comes to getting them out, there’s absolutely no stress involved.

Increased security

If there are two things that are going to make burglars very happy, it’s unopened expensive gifts which are easy to sell on and an empty home. With many of us out more than usual over the holidays, Christmas is a very common time of year for break-ins to happen.

According to the insurance provider Direct Line, more insurance claims are made during December than any other month of the year.

Whether you’re jetting off on holiday, are going to see family for a few days, you have a lot of social occasions or you would simply like the extra security, self-storage offers a great way to keep your valuables safe.

As well as storing Christmas presents in your unit, you can also keep electrical items, jewellery, artwork and any other valuables you want to keep away from potential burglars.

Warren’s Removals Worcester, offer flexible self storage options. Interested? Get in Touch with Warren’s Removals today. We’d be delighted to hear from you and to help take some of the stress out of Christmas. Nothing is too much trouble for us at Warren’s!

Merry Christmas from all the Team at Warren’s



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