House Removals – Worcester & UK

They say moving home is one of the most stressful things you can do, the move day being possibly the most inconvenient part of the process. We fully understand this and have put together packages designed to relieve as much stress as we possibly can:

Standard Removal Package

Premium Removal Package


Standard removal package

This removal package goes way beyond what other removal companies offer at their standard rate. Included in this package we provide packing material and remove, dismantle and rebuild all home and garden furniture. We don’t just stop there, within this package we will pack your clothes. Once moved, your clothes will, where possible, be put back into drawers and wardrobes to save you the hassle. We will, of course, move all other packed boxes placing them safely in selected rooms.

We do move items packed by yourself but please remember that if you want us to move boxes you have packed, damage caused when packing will not be covered by our insurance. If you want everything covered by insurance, we would recommend you opt for the premium removal and packing service.

Premium Packaging & Removal Package

This package is simple. We will literally turn up the day before you move and pack everything in your house and garden for you. We do all your packing and then move it on the day of completion.

You do not need to lift a finger. We do everything for you meaning everything is insured.

Note: Our insurance covers a like-for-like replacement. Any items over the value of £250 must be declared before your move takes place.


If as part of the house move, you need short, medium or long term storage, be rest assured we offer safe and secure storage facilities.


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