Staying Safe During COVID-19

Safety first

At Warren’s Removals we are taking no risks and doing everything we can to protect our customers and employees from the risk of infection and to ensure that the risk of spreading the virus in minimised.

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    Risk Assessments

    We have carried out all risk assessments to make sure we understand and are managing the risks. If you would like to see our risk assessments please just let us know.

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    We have introduced new COVID policies such as hygiene, social-distancing and self-isolation policies. We have also adapted our policies, procedures and the way we are working to ensure we are COVID safe.

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    Our Staff

    All our staff have been issued Safe Systems of Working. We have therefore told all our staff how they must operate during the COVID pandemic.

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    Getting a quote safely

    If we are unable to visit your property due to COVID, we can carry out a survey by you showing us around your home remotely using your phone, tablet or camera. We are experienced enough to give you an accurate quote so things as easy and stress free as possible for you.

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    Before move day – household health checks

    Before we visit your home, we will ask you to complete a health check for yourself and those living in your house. The health check is intended to make sure you or anyone living with you does not have COVID symptoms or reason to self-isolate.  It’s important we not only protect you but also our staff.

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    Preparing the property for our arrival

    Before arriving, we would ask you to take all possible hygiene measures to ensure our staff are safe whilst working. We would ask you to clean and disinfect all contact surfaces and door handles inside and out.  If you could declutter as much as possible and place items in boxes where possible. If items are in a box please write on the box which room it needs to be transported to.

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    What happens on move day

    Staff health checks

    Before staff arrive at your home they either have their temperature taken or complete a health check to ensure they are symptom free.

    Travelling to and from site

    When travelling to work, staff are not allowed to car share or use public transport.

    We only allow up to two crew to travel in our vehicles.

    The removal team will also be provided with sanitiser so they can maintain strict hygiene levels while driving and will sanitise the door handles and steering wheel of the removal vehicle throughout the day.

    At the end of each day, our vehicles are cleaned very thoroughly inside and out.

    Personal Protective Equipment

    When at your home, our staff will wear all necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to reduce the risk of transmission when moving your property to your new home. PPE includes disposable gloves, face masks, hand sanitiser, alcohol wipes and shoe coverings.

    PPE equipment is not applied until arriving at your home.

    Coming up with a move plan

    Ahead of move day it will be helpful to see a floor plans so that we can understand the layout of the properties. This will help us create a move plan which observes social distancing guidelines.

    We will discuss the move with you while observing social distancing measures.

    Whilst we are moving your property, we will ask you to ideally vacate the property or remain in one room or agree to social distancing measures.

    We will ask you to allow the removal team to access washing facilities in your house so our team members can wash their hands frequently throughout your move.  We will however bring our own soap.

    Our team will not ask you to make tea or coffee. Don’t worry we will bring our drinks and refreshments.

    The team will leave delivery paperwork in an agreed location for signing. If you could use your own pen to sign the paperwork, that would be great.

    For your reassurance

    Our removal teams have had training on how to maximise protection while working within the close quarters of your home to ensure your safety.  This includes safe use of PPE, frequent washing of hands, sanitising vehicles and washing uniforms daily at high temperatures.

    Getting in touch

    If you have any questions or concerns about our new procedures, practices or the conduct of our staff, please contact us.



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